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As the title suggests we do have bags for every occasion, you can get one for gym, find one that is comfortable for your travels, or go for portfolio bags that will give you a professional look in your firms or for your job interview, then there are some really great and fascinating laptop bags with unique skins that are not only useful for the safety of your laptop but will grab a lot of attention. you can have most of these customized with the brand name that will definitely help in marketing your product and services to the places you take that bag or you can have a giveaway, sometimes collecting permanent customers needs revenue investments to be made so initially you will have to spend a little but the final result will be great.

Heres a list of all the bag options you can get your hands on when you decided to go for our services.


  1. Duffle bags that can be customized for clients
  2. Colorful and eye-catching collection of gym,shoulder and sling bags
  3. Exclusive bags and portfolio bags
  4. Laptop bags


Lets go through each of them one by one:


  • Colorful and eye-catching collection of gym,shoulder and sling bags


As the name indicates, these bags are exclusively used for gym or sports purposes. They could be backpacks or duffle bags in which you can easily stuff various items and carry them with you. You could carry these bags to office if you have joined the office gym. These bags are light weight and portable. They are meant to carry items like sportswear, hand towels, and other gym related accessories that you require. Most have them have space for a bottle too



 Gym bags are an excellent idea as a corporate gift as most of the professionals hit the gym nowadays. You can also present them to your employees as a sign of health awareness.

You can get the bags monogrammed with your brand name and logo printed on them. You can also get customized sling bags. We provide custom made sling bags with logo in Mumbai and are manufacturer and supplier of nylon drawstring gym bags.

Gym bags occur in the market in various designs and brands as well. You can select a branded bag, or get one designed as per your specification or order local stuff as well.
The basic purpose is that the bag should provide the convenience of carrying various accessories and also should be portable. Gym bags are mostly gender specific too. The ladies prefer bags of attractive designs and more utility while men go in for compact designs that provide convenience. Many professionals also prefer to divide the time between the gym and other sports of their choice, hence expect the bag to have multiple utilities. We are gym bags manufacturers in Mumbai and provide gym bags at wholesale prices in the Mumbai market.

Shoulder bags occur in a wide range of varieties that can be used by people of various age groups and for various purposes as well.


A shoulder bag can be just suspended from the shoulder and you can carry a variety of items in it based on the size and design. Shoulder bags are available as branded and local products. You can purchase them as ready to use bags or you can order them as per your specifications. We are shoulder bags wholesalers in Mumbai.

These bags can be made up of paper, plastic, fiber, jute, rayon, canvas, cotton and other varieties of materials. The sizes range from compact small sizes to huge ones. The straps and designs vary a lot. You can get distinct feminine ones or unisex bags too. We are men’s and ladies’ shoulder bags manufacturers. You can contact us for conference goodie bag ideas.  You can select shoulder bags as a corporate gift for a variety of corporate events. They could be festive gifts, conference takeaways or gifts on any formal occasions. You can use them as promotional gifts to your customers as well.

You can opt for paper or cloth bags if you are intending to gift an item along with the bag and if the quantity is huge. If you wish to gift genuine quality bags, you can select genuine leather or canvas bags. These are durable and you can even get them customized in the designs that you like.  You can emboss your brand name or logo on the bag or just gift it away. The bag can have a single compartment that provides more space or can have multiple compartments to use them as per the utility. We are shoulder bag wholesale suppliers in Mumbai and provide them at bulk price.

Sling bags are bags with a strap that can be placed across the chest while the bag rests on the back. Sling bags occur in various sizes and shapes too.

Some are as small as wallets while some are bigger in size. These bags can be used for a variety of purposes like carrying books, utility items, travelling and many more. The strap is adjustable and usually thick so as to provide comfort and manage the weight of the bag. Sling bags can be made of a variety of materials too. We are jute sling bag, polyester slings suppliers in Mumbai.
You can get sling bags designed with specifications for material, size, pockets and other design aspects. A sling bag can be a good promotional item and even a great corporate gift as the customers or employees can use them for various purposes. This is especially a good idea for promoting businesses like education, coaching, sports and adventure tourism. Sling bags are more popular among the younger generations as they are trendy. We are manufacturers and exporters of ladies sling bags in India. You can consider varieties of sling bags based on the age and gender classification when you are planning them as corporate gifts. Based on the budget, you can decide the size and material of the bags. Usually bags with multiple compartments are popular as they provide space to carry bottles, mobile phones and several other accessories. Gifting a multipurpose bag is a good option rather than selecting a specific one. We are sling bags manufacturers in Mumbai and deal in custom made sling bags as promotional items for conferences.

  • Duffle bags that can be customized for clients


Duffle bags are more commonly used for gym, sports, travels, camps and other similar purposes. They can also be used for short duration travels as you can conveniently stuff your belongings. These bags are especially ideal as corporate gifts for companies that deal in adventure sports, sports material, gym equipments, camps and other such businesses. Well known sports companies also manufacture duffel bags with their brands that are used by sportspersons. We are duffle bag manufacturers in mumbai and provide bags of various designs.


Duffle bags occur in various sizes, the smaller ones being more handy and convenient. Considering the purpose for which they are used, duffle bags are expected to be of a good quality and durable.

They could be made of various materials like canvas, cloth or other synthetic materials. They should preferably be water resistant if they are used for sports or outdoor activities. Duffle bags are also used by kids for sports and camping. Hence they should be light weight if your customers are young.

You can personalize the bags by printing your information on the side or front surfaces. It is possible that other than sport companies, other organizations can also gift duffel bags to customers or clients. We are wholesalers of promotional bags in Mumbai and provide superb and best conference gifts. As duffle bags have multiple utilities, these bags can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use these bags as gifts in honor of the sports matches won by the corporate team or to appreciate the sports club of your company. We are duffle bag suppliers in Mumbai and supply these bags at bulk discount prices.


  • Exclusive bags and portfolio bags


BUY WHOLESALE CUSTOM BAGS IN MUMBAI – Executive Bags Office bags, Duffle Bag, Sales Executive Bags, Travelling Bag, Luggage Bags, etc

Classy business appeal is now available with the best bags. Portfolio bag colors are also now not confined to the stereo type blacks for ladies but new emerging trends are seen in yellow, chic orange and also whites.

The appeal is high and the compactness is now popular with ladies. Keeping enough space in between the folders the lining inside is reliable. The balance is perfect with the lightweight variety that is appealing and immensely conforms to a formal decorum.

The bags are not bulky in any way and the finish is superb. For men, there is more to it with flawless craftsmanship with sturdy handles and seams. The entire look is complete with the corporate finesse.


  • Laptop bags










We manufacture laptop bags and backpacks custom made in Mumbai


Admirable designs keep coming each season and trendy styles are seen with the compartments. Handles, shoulder straps as well reliable zips makes your laptop look stylish. Extra side holders for water bottles or foldable umbrella are also available.

Smart, durable and savvy, the bags for laptops are such a trendy idea. Suitable as the best gift and coming in a variety of colors like black and grey, there are smart styles that are spacious and holds the laptop well.

Special folder arrangement for important documents also makes your laptop accessible. Lightweight but with the best support via straps the bags are stylish. Reliable base with adequate support is also great when you travel long hours for your business.

You don’t have to go looking for these bags anywhere else you can find the best one here along with the best quality that will weather through tough times and some of these bags look utterly proffesional.

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