Its absolutely essential to use promotional products for advertising and branding of your company. If you haven’t taken any initiative to participate in advertising or branding here are some reasons that might help you understand why promotional products are great for your firm.

Promotional products show off your brand when you are just staring your business marketing and advertising your brand is of utmost importance and one way of doing it is by investing in promotional products they give a authentic look to your business.Promotional Products are Useful as well as Highly Affordable:Another important point about these is that they are affordable and wont cost you a lot,so make an effort in creating a brand that will speak for itself by choosing to get the best promotional products that will even help in building good relationship with clients.
Lets go through some really great promotional products that might serve the purpose of spreading your business name.


Brand building and sales promotion gifting options

Brand building is a tough war between major companies in the corporate world. Thus, there has to be creativity and innovation when promoting a particular brand that glues in the clients as well as the customers mind.  The best way to do the promotion of the company is through brand building gifts.  Brand building gifts are like promotional gifts which has the company’s logo printed on it. You can easily get the most creative and innovative ideas for brand building sales promotion gifts in India from us.  We have a catalog of gift items that are perfect for brand building of the company.

You can use backpacks as a sales promotion gifts or as event giveaways. A back pack is multipurpose; it can be used to carry personal stuff to office as well as for a casual outing.  A backpack can be a very practical gift for the client.  You can get variety of colors in backpacks and in various sizes in our catalog. You can select colors of the back pack as per the company’s theme and get a rubber print of the company’s logo on the bag.  Whenever the person uses the backpack it will remind him of your company.

The age of tech gifts has arrived. You can also get an assortment of styles in the backpacks; they may vary from formal to casual.

You can customize the size, style, and colors of the backpack that will be used as a brand building gift.  The other brand building gift can be T-shirts and caps with the company logo printed on it along with other designs, prints, and inspirational sayings on it. Besides these there are many options such as a pen drive, keychain, laptop bag, diaries, organizers and many more. We are importers corporate gifts mumbai.

Presenting corporate gifts to the customers and clients has dual effects; it can be used as a tool for brand building as well as relation building.  It is essential to present gifts to the customers and clients to show their importance.  Selecting a corporate is a big task as you have to plan the type of gift, the number of gifts, quality of gifts and above all the budget for the gifts.  You can get many gift items that are reasonable, good quality and attractive. Such cheap gifts can be used as event giveaways and for promotion of the company.

You can select many gift items from the range of corporate gifts we offer in our catalog of corporate gifts mumbai with price. You can get promotional corporate gifts in just Rs 100 only.   We assure you that our catalog is the best guide for corporate gifting solutions in Mumbai. In this price range you can get ceramic mugs with the company’s logo either embossed or printed on it. Ceramic mugs are robust, attractive, and low cost.  You can get many styles, designs, emoticons, and sayings printed on it or just a plain colored mug with a company’s logo printed on it.  You can get various sizes, styles, and colors from our store. You can also get customized mugs. You can use the color of the company’s theme and a logo printed or it.

The other pocket friendly corporate gift can be Diaries, year calendar and a pen. In Diaries and Calendar’s the pages can be colored with the company’s theme and the company logo on each page.  The diary and calendar can also consist of pictures of achievements or genera pictures of your company.  You can get these from our promotional gifts store in Mumbai. You can purchase low cost corporate gifts from our store. All you have to do is select the style, size, color, and look of the gift item.

Utility corporate gifts – Gifting is an imperative aspect for the company’s brand building.  The quality and the innovation in gifts reflect the image of the company.  To leave a trace on the clients mind you should select a creative, innovative yet a practical gift that can be used in day to day life. Utility corporate gifts such as laptop bags, key chains, coffee mugs, desktop gifts and many more such type of gifts with a printed company log  reminds the user about the company.  Thus, when using gifts for brand building it is essential to select a gift that reminds the person of the company through its logo and its functionality.

Utility corporate gifts should be practical and functional for the user. We have a sore of utility corporate gifts in Mumbai. We are corporate gifts vendors in mumbai. In our store you can find many alternatives for utility corporate gifts.  We have a catalog of gifts that are functional and can be used as corporate promotional gifts. We provide the best business promotional gift ideas in mumbai.  Among the many choices you can select key chains, key are multipurpose they can be with the car keys and house keys. You can select a fiber, plastic or wooden keychain depending on your budget. We also provide customized keychain that is carved with the company’s logo. You can get key chains in various colors, sizes that can be customized as per your preference.  The color of the key chain can be used as per the theme color of the company. Wrist watches is another multipurpose utility corporate gift. You can use the company’s logo printed in dial of the watch. It is functional as well as promotional. We have branded as well as cheap wrist watches for utility corporate gift. We supply wholesale gift items for corporates in mumbai.



Sipper bottle are healthy trendy gifts


Corporate gifts that aims at promotion and brand awareness o the company is the most popular marketing trick in the corporate world. With the change in trends and time there has been immense need for creative ideas in corporate promotional gifts. Generally, ceramic mugs, t-shirts, office stationary are commonly gifted promotional gifts.

The market demands creative gifts that are valuable, has longetivity, and can be used practically. One such gift item is sipper bottles.  Sipper bottle is the trendiest corporate gift that does the brand promotion of the company. Sipper bottles can be used by the receiver to office or to gym, this sipper can be used by kids as well to school.  These sipper bottles have multiple uses to various types of people of every age group. You can select sipper bottles from the multiplicity of option that we have in our corporate gift catalogue.

We are sipper bottles manufacturers in mumbai. Buy water bottles and sipper bottles for schools in Mumbai from our store. We have a wide range of bottles that are made from various materials such as steel coated sipper bottles that keep hot fluid hot and vice versa, other varieties are in fiber. Steel sipper bottles look elegant and a perfect gifting item for corporate personnel which can be used by kids as well. You can emboss or print the company logo in big font on the sipper bottle. We are custom logo sipper bottle dealers and suppliers in mumbai.



Sublimation mugs corporate mugs and corporat gifting customization mugswith logo


Variety is the spice of life is a well known proverb; the essence of this line can be used while selecting promotional gift items for clients and customers. There innumerable options when to comes to selecting gifts and for corporate people. The common gift items are t-shirts, bags, pens, stationary items such as notepads, calendar and others such as clock and key chains. When you are looking for strong advertisement of the product and the company, be creative and select unique gifts that set the image of the company being a unique one and the one that stands out from the crowd.  One such creative ad unique type of promotional gift item is a coffee mug. There are various varieties in coffee mugs but the unique ones are magic mugs and sublimation mugs. You will easily get corporate gifting customized mugs in Mumbai with logo

Magic mugs are coffee mugs that can be used for promotion of the company and the products. Magic mugs are usually black in color and changes color when hot liquid is poured in it.

You can print the company logo on the magic mug so that when hot liquid is poured the mug changes color and the company logo becomes visible. Buy magic mugs and sublimation mugs from our wholesale store. We are Wholesale Mugs Suppliers in India at low prices.

Mugs are among the best corporate gifts for promotional purposes. Most of the company’s prefer promotional mugs as corporate gifts. Gifting increases positivity and helps building up proper relations. In both personal and corporate world gifts are meant to build healthy relations. There are innumerable varieties in mugs that can be used for promotional purposes. Ceramic mugs in various colors, styles, and sizes are available in our catalog. When presenting coffee mugs as promotional gift items you can customize it as per your choice.  For promotional purposes usually the logo of the company is used. Many other things can be added to promotional mugs such as emoticons and popular sayings along with the company logo.

You can find many types and designs of promotional mugs in our store. We are Corporate Gifts Distributors in Mumbai. Promotional mugs are made of ceramic, ceramic mugs are durable and washable. On ceramic promotional mugs you can print the company logo in various colors and fonts. We are Ceramic Mugs manufacturers.  Embossing and etching the artwork is also a popular choice among promotional coffee mugs. Use can use inspirational messages images on the circumference of the mug.  You can customize the color of the promotional mug as per your company’s theme and design.  Promotional mugs are reasonable and are goof gifting item.

You can easily find Promotional Mugs in Mumbai in our store. We have a catalogue of promotional mug designs and styles.  We are coffee mugs manufacturers in mumbai; we have impeccable variety of promotional coffee mugs that can be used as corporate gifts. We supply and manufacture custom logo mugs for corporate gifting in Mumbai. We have many reliable customers who buy promotional mugs and other corporate gift items from our store in bulk quantity.  You can buy ceramic mugs from our store that are of the best quality and reasonable cost.

Sublimation mugs are one other unique and popular option in the corporate arena. Sublimation printing is done on mugs with a special paper which is pasted on the coffee mug than heat is applied onto the artwork so that it gets printed on the mug.

You can print the company logo on the sublimation mug which looks elegant and creative, as creativity attracts more customers. We are wholesaler of Sublimation Mugs in Mumbai, India. You can find sizes, shapes and various colors in sublimation mugs at reasonable cost price from our wholesale store. We are coffee mugs manufacturers in mumbai. We supply and manufacture sublimation mugs wholesale in mumbai.