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If you are in marketing, you will always face two challenges. One is to reach across to your target audience without breaking the bank and the other is to boost brand loyalty. It is only when you achieve these twin objectives that you can say you have been successful in your marketing endeavor. Brand loyalty is reflected in the manner the brand is recalled through improved sales, awareness of the brand and preferring it over other competitive brands in the same niche. Obviously all this calls for a lot of creative thinking and out of the box initiatives.
One such initiative gaining ground is the usage of the video brochure. This is an innovative device that marketers are turning to as an alternative to traditional methods of attracting eyeballs. Here the marketing or brand awareness is built and reached across to the target segment through messages recorded in high fidelity audio and video. The device consists of an LCD screen, memory capacity and speakers. You can record the pictures, audio and videos you wish to pertaining to the product or service you wish to market and in course of time carry out changes as well pretty easily. It is possible to delete, modify and add content as you go along, making it one of the most flexible and nifty alternatives to conventional marketing. Gone are the days of pamphlets, physical brochures and the like. They are being consigned to the bin faster than when they arrive.
The video brochure is not costly at all and at the same time represents a digital shift in marketing ideas and opportunities to segments that will welcome such an initiative. It can be designed and put together much faster than any of the direct marketing methods. The eyeball attention and recall has been proven to be much stronger as well. Since it is a visually compelling technique of spreading brand awareness, the recall is definitely longer lasting, giving you the return on your investment.
Marketers are using the video brochure increasingly for high profile target audiences. Other methods of displaying banners, wall paintings and hoardings can be continued for the mass audience. People who have received these video brochures speak highly of them and say they prefer this over other methods of engagement.
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