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Gadgets have been playing a important role in making our day to day life efficient for quite some time now. Most of the populace of the world uses electronics devices for variety of purposes. Today consumer electronics dominates over all the sectors. It has made life much more efficient for everyone. Lets take a look at some accessories that make using such devices much more effective.

Most of these gadgets work on Bluetooth technology.

  • Bluetooth android watches India
  • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart watch
  • Fitness band and health tracker device
  • Universal travel adapter


  • Bluetooth android watches India


technology gifts India

We offer the latest technology gift items in India. We are Importer, traders, dealers of latest wholesale Bluetooth android phone watches in India

The advantages of a Bluetooth watch running on Android can be summarized as under:

  • Save time and effort by being able to look at notifications on your smart watch itself. You do not have to take out your smart phone each time to do this.
  • Control your music with just a tap on your smart watch
  • Follow social etiquette with a subtle look at your smart watch to check for notifications
  • Use the watch as a fitness monitor and become healthier
  • Protect battery life of your smart phone by not accessing it often
  • Change the watch face every day if you wish to and enjoy customization of a new look each day
  • Using the smart watch for navigation in a new place is much better than doing it on your costlier smart phone since the risk of dropping the smart phone is avoided

Contact us for latest new bluetooth smartwatch android sport runner and other related products in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad.


  • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

technology gifts India

The usage of smart phones, tablets is becoming more and more prevalent. People are using these devices to communicate not only orally but also through texting and chat applications. However, many do not find the keyboard of their device suitable or convenient to type fast like they would on their usual computers at home. Though predictive texting has helped matters a great deal, users want something better. We are suppliers, importers, dealer of foldable Bluetooth keyboard wholesale in India

The foldable keyboard is one device that can solve this issue. It works on Bluetooth, is portable due to its flexible nature and you will find the keys perfect for fast typing. The silicon panel of these keyboards makes them light and pairing with your device is also quick. The LED indicators will tell you the charging and connection status and it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. The operating distance of this keyboard is 10m which is more than sufficient.


  • Quality Bluetooth speakers

technology gifts India

With smart phones offering sufficient memory space and great sound fidelity, it is now possible to carry music with you wherever you go. Moreover, for those who do not like the idea of listening to music through a wire connected to their phone jack, the Bluetooth technology is a welcome introduction. Earlier there was a case made saying such technology led to some sound distortion but today that too has been ironed out. We are importers, suppliers, distributors of wholesale bluetooth speakers in India including x mini bluetooth speaker, mini waterproof and shower speakers.

So now you can take your latest music with you wherever you go and enjoy an undiluted sound experience. These speakers deliver great sound and clarity and are very portable. They run on battery and need to be recharged depending on the usage and volume you play your music. That you will agree is a small price to pay for a whole load of convenience.

If you are wondering where to find the latest good quality and low price Bluetooth speakers, just contact us for bulk supply to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.


  • Smart watch

technology gifts India

The sizes of smart phones have been increasing. OEMs are loading more and more features into these devices to make them attractive. In addition to a bigger display, the battery power has also been enhanced, leading to the weight of these devices going up. Users want all of these features but do find it an inconvenience at times to keep having to pull out their smart phones to look at notifications and respond. Contact us for Smart watch wholesale India.

It can be a disturbance and even taken as rudeness during social functions when you keep looking at the smart phone and are using it to send responses. Similarly when driving a vehicle, you do not want to be disturbed by your smart phone and be compelled to look at it each time there is a notification.

The alternative is in the form of a smart watch. This device is a miniature smart phone as it snuggles around your wrist and displays the notifications to you and you can choose to respond to the ones you think are important. We are smart watch offering bulk prices for Smartwatches as well as dealership. You can become a reseller of our wearable devices.


  • Fitness band and health tracker device

technology gifts India

There are a lot of people who would have made fresh New Year resolutions. Maintaining fitness would surely figure among them. That is why the idea of a fitness band health tracker device as a gift would make great sense and the recipient would be more than thrilled to receive it. We are suppliers, manufacturers of Fitness band and health tracker devices in India.

The fitness band is a wrist band that has dual functionality. It displays time, date and year along with other important fitness parameters. Among them are the steps taken by the user through the day, the calories burnt during activity, distance traveled and the heart rate. There are trackers which also monitor calories consumed by the user. These devices work with the help of pedometer and accelerometer inbuilt within them and the results are adequately accurate.

We are one of the leading suppliers of wholesale activity tracker band India.


  • Universal travel adapter

technology gifts India

With so much of travelling happening today, it will be not be very prudent on your part to not carry travel adapters with you. After all, you may have to use your laptop, smart phone and any other electronic device at any time and cannot always rely on the power points available. We are importers and suppliers of Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plugs in India.

Another factor is the inconvenience associated with carrying separate OEM adapters for each of the devices with you. The travel adapter for mobile phone is what you require to help you during your travels. These devices can plug into any power point and can be used for multiple gadgets as well. You can do without carrying OEM adapters totally.

The universal travel adapter is affordable and definitely great value for the buck spent since it is compatible with a variety of devices since it is not brand specific. You can make use of the removable tips they come with as well.

Customized pen drives with logo

We are Pen drive wholesale distributors in Mumbai, India.

Think of promotional items at any trade fair, seminar or conference and the items that come to mind are caps, key chains, coffee mugs and of course pen drives. That is because these items are always useful, affordable, and portable and accord great brand recall value.

Popular Corporate gifting pen drives include :


and Pen Drives with Notebook, Bulk USB Diary. 

The pen drive in particular has been ruling the roost for a long time in terms of preferred gifts. The improvements in terms of shapes, designs, capacity have only added to its allure and they make for perfect gifts to this day. The robust nature of these items and re-usability wins over most users. With increasing numbers of smart phones users and the need to store data or carry music with them, pen drives are not going to go out of fashion very soon.

So go ahead and add this ubiquitous item to your list of promotional items the next time around. We can help you make the selection.

Every single single accessory that has been described in the above article is of the best quality and will last you a lifetime with proper care.

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