30 best USB drives and accessories



  1. Opp box

An opp box from us can carry your credit/debit cards or business cards or you can place your card USB drives in it. It is made from a strong material that will provide an excellent barrier for your item.  Take advantage of the opp box for housing the pen drive and use it as a gift. Brand your logo on the upper and lower surfaces of these boxes for visibility. The pen drive nestles snuggly into the niche within the box.

promotional pen drive India


  1. Organizer A5-B5

Get the best quality Organizer A5-B5 from us , it will be of great help for noting down all the important activities and managing your schedule in a neat manner. It has top quality pages and leather cover that will give you the professional look as well. This is another useful gift that you can consider. Made out of durable nylon and available in different colors, go for organizers that can house 7-9 pen drives in them and make use of the surfaces of the organizer for your branding.

promotional pen drive India


  1. Pass code

A Pass code USB drive,is best when you have to handle a lot of confidential information. You can only access it when you have the pass code so all you information is securely stored for you to use at a moments notice. The TV remote is not a stranger to any recipient. Use its long shape and numeric styling for the pen drive, leaving its distinctive tip for your branding. Choose from different colors and memory combinations. You can shorten the length as well.


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  1. Passport Holder

Passport Holder and USB drive, doesn’t that sound like a cool combination? Its one of our USB drives. Now you wont have to spend a lot of time searching for it as will be attached to your passport holder. Use the passport holder as your promotional item with a difference. Its clasp can be the pen drive with varied memory configurations and in also different colors to stand out. The broad expanse of the passport holder can be your branding real estate.



promotional pen drive India

  1. Opp bag

Opp bag that have been made from excellent packaging material that, these bags are great for carrying your USB drive as they have moisture prevention barrier which will definitely keep you USB drives safe in rainy weather or from any kind of spill.

This is yet another innovative gifting item that you can consider for your pen drive. These laminated bags offer excellent protection from moisture and are very durable. Their broad surfaces offer you the branding opportunity for your logo or company message.


promotional pen drive India

  1. Pen diamond

Pen diamond USB drives can cost you but are the best promo gifts for high end clients who expect the best from every organization they form a relationship with. We have come up with this unique design for its customers. Promotional items like pens and key chains will never go out of fashion. This time around, gift pen drives as pens that have the lower half with an effect like the sparkling of diamonds. Do your branding on the top half.

promotional pen drive India



  1. Pen laser

Pen laser is in itself a convenient tool that can be used in meetings and presentations. We have added to it by providing its users a pen laser USB drive, when you open this pen you can access the USB. Gift top executives in the corporate world with a pen that conceals a pen drive as well as a laser pointer for making those glitzy presentations. Engrave your logo on the pen and you can also include a velvet pouch with it that has your company branding on it.

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  1. Pen stylus

Pen stylus that has an ergonomic grip and is an essential storage equipment.

We specializes in such custom made products that provide very unique set of functionalities all of which are useful for business requirements and marketing purpose.

With most of us using smart phones today, the pen drive stylus would make for a wonderful gift with appropriate branding. Now you can navigate the phone, tablet in style with this two in one device.


promotional pen drive India


  1. Plastic Box

Plastic Box is the most used storage for a pen drive, it assure the users that their device is safe and the chances of misplacing it becomes higher. Its a small box that you can carry around, We have some made of best quality material.

Though plastic as a commodity is being weeded out, good grade plastic still has its utilities. Use high grade plastic boxes to place your pen drive and use the space on the box for your branding. The transparency makes the pen drive look cute.

promotional pen drive India

  1. Plastic u Clip

Yet another plastic utility device where the pen drive itself is a plastic U clip for usage as a clip and as a drive. You can choose from different colors and memory capacities while branding the surfaces of the clip.

Plastic u Clip design USB drive that you can attach to your planner or binder so that there are no chances of misplacing it. Its could be affordable promo gift for the employees of your organization find this design from us.


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  1. PU leather Pouch

PU leather Pouch provides ultimate protection for your cards as well as USB card storage devices. Leather material that it has been made from just adds to the benefits of getting this PU leather pouch for your USB card from us.

Leather as material is always classy and rich. Combine its richness and utility in the form of a pouch with the pen drive in it. Choose from different colors and memory configurations and use the pouch surface for your branding.

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  1. Puzzle Card

Have fun with your logo by getting a Puzzle Card USB drive from us. Your logo will now be turned into a fascinating puzzle that will give your something to do in spare time. You just have to provide the logo.

Like the credit card pen drive, this too is a sleek alternative you can think of as a gift. You can brand your logo such that it blends into the card and becomes a puzzle for the user to figure it out.


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  1. Rubix Cube

Rubix Cube pen drive is the ultimate marketing USB drive it can have your logo on each side or on one side you can have a company name and logo on the other. Just specify what you want printed on it and have it home delivered.  The ever popular Rubik cube is the ultimate that you can gift somebody. When you have a pen drive shaped like it with branding opportunities on so many faces of the cube, you have a winner.

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  1. Silicon stick

a Silicon stick which is made of soft and durable material that provides full protection for your data stored in this USB drive. You can have your logo on this custom pen drive that will help you in promoting your business. If you are thinking of appropriate desktop gifts, then this time go for the silicon sticky pen drive that can be placed on the desk and is accessible within reach for the user. Choose from bright colors.

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  1. Silver Crystal

Silver Crystal is a pen drive which has a look similar to that of a small perfume bottle. Engrave the name of your company/organization or the logo on this pen drive which you can purchase from us as a promo gift. Yet another lovely and eye catching shape that you can use for gifting purposes. The surface of the crystal at the top provides sufficient branding space. Contact us for more such items for bulk orders.

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  1. Silver Timer

Silver timer, has a hourglass like appearance that makes it stand out amongst all the other custom USB drives that you will find from us. You can save all your confidential data on this USB storage device and which is embedded into the timer.  As a table gift, you cannot go wrong with this wonderful silver timer hourglass pen drive. The item is sure to get attention from all and sundry and you will do well to brand your logo on the top of it.


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  1. Slap band

Slap band is a bracelet that molds itself to your hand as soon as you slap it on your wrist, this particular slap band has a embedded USB drive on which you can store files and use it to transfer data. You can carry a pen drive on your person and on the wrist when you can get a slap band shaped pen drive in different colors. Branding is possible on the band running through it. We as one of the leading suppliers can provide more information.

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  1. Sliding USB Notebook A5

This Sliding USB Notebook A5 pen drive design brings some good services to the table. A person can jot down point into it as well as use it to store information and data on the drive you can get this design from us. Get high tech with this sliding USB notebook where the  pen drive slides into its niche and fits in snug. Choose from bright colors and use the notebook expanse for branding. Contact us for special bulk order rates.

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  1. Stylus Bat

Stylus Bat is just one more uniquely designed custom pen drive that we have to offer its customers. A custom message can be displayed on it, that message could be a logo or company name it will help in promotion of your company. Get into cricket season fever with this bat shaped pen drive stylus. Use the surface for branding and gift this item for navigation usage for phones, tablets and the like. Make use of different colors as well.



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  1. Stylus OTG

With the increasing mobile and tablet usage the need for more OTG pen drives such as Stylus OTG has increased. Get this unique design of pen drives from us and you can even have a logo printed on it. The utility of the stylus today for phones, tablets, ipods is not in doubt. Make use of this item for embedding the pen drive and use the broad surface for your branding. Get in touch with us for different stylus based pen drive shapes.


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  1. Tin box Large

Tin box Large is absolutely perfect box for storing a pen stylus or other custom USB drives that we have to offer, make sure that you get this along with your USB drive order it will give your drives the added security. Place the pen drive on a velvet floor base in the box and use gleaming tin as the material for the box to attract attention. Brand your logo on the surface of the box and at the bottom as well.

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  1. Twister

Twister is perfectly good pen drive choice that you can gift to your employees, you can put the logo of your company at it, it could be a way of showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Much like the bottle opener pen drive, use the twister option this time so that the pen drive slides out smoothly. Branding is possible on the twister surface itself. Select colors that are really tacky and eye catching.

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  1. USB card + Brochure

a USB card that comes along with a brochure which is perfect for the promotion of your organization. you can give all the detail of the services provided by your organization on this brochure which you can get from us. pharma friends can use their brochures to good effect by sliding a USB card pen drive into the brochure amidst text and presenting it at medical conferences. It is sure to get noticed when reading the brochure.

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  1. USB Notebook A5

USB notebook a5 comes with a detachable USB drive that a user can store data on. Its great for corporate use , this notebook can come in handy when you want to write down all the important information, its always important to have some kind of backup.  Gift notebooks and planners by using the pen drive as the clasp. It can be of the same or in contrasting colors to the notebook.

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  1. Web Key card + Brochure

On inserting a Web key card in your computer port, a browser will be launched which will take you to predefined website or web page. You can make use of this technology for the promotion of your organization find it from us. The insertion of the credit card like pen drive into a brochure is becoming popular thanks to its guaranteed eyeball and brand recall potential. Choose from varied memory combinations and insert the card pen drive strategically between text in the brochure.

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  1. White Box

Packaging of the promo gifts should also be chosen with great care, we offer some variety in package that you can choose from , one of the choices is white box. It is an elegant box that can be used to store a promo item. the purity and elegance of white is unquestionable. Select this as the color for your box and place the pen drive in it on a cloth of a different color for effect. Present this as a gift and your recipients will never discard the box.

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  1. Wooden Clip on

Purchase this Eco friendly Wooden Clip on flash drive from us. You can make it he next promotional gift for your organization if you have already made the provisions this time, its a unique way of saying thank you to your employees. Similar to the use of wood as a box, you can now use it as a clip for your pen drive for gifting purposes. The surfaces provide for adequate branding opportunity. You can choose from different shades of wood colors.


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  1. Wooden Crystal

Wooden crystal is quite similar to the silver crystal pen drive, its just made from Eco friendly material that could help in spreading environmental awareness it could be a good promo gift for an Eco friendly organization clients and employees. This is a deadly combination to present a gift. Wood and crystal are both eye catching as well as elegant. They offer good branding space as well. The wooden cover completes the picture. Give us a call to know more about such items.

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  1. Wooden Swivel

Wooden swivel is very much like the twister pen drive which we have seen, it just promotes environmental friendly campaign by using wood instead of plastic and metal that have been used in creation of twister. You can get it from us. this all wood item makes for a wonderful gift due to its unique looks and utility. The pen drive is also made out of wood that sneaks out of its cozy slot. Branding is possible on both surfaces of this device

promotional pen drive India

This is one more all wooden piece that will become a collector’s item when you gift it. The wooden box contains the wooden pen drive with branding both on the box as well as the top of the drive.

  1. Wrist Band

Wrist band is one USB drive that you wear on yourself and use it when its necessary.from us you will find few other band, one of which is leather band. You can compare the prices and needs and get it accordingly.

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