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portable gift ideas gadgets India

Want to find some cool new portable gadgets that might come in handy when you are out and about?then here’s a list of few that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker- enjoy music on the go
  2. Portable charger for Samsung
  3. Travel chargers for smart phones,mobile and iphones.
  4. Quality portable chargers which recharge your I phone

How about we go through each of them one by one and you can find out more details about all of the portable devices that have been listed above. Lets start with

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker- enjoy music on the go

The Bluetooth technology allows you to connect devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to each other and to speakers. You can use Bluetooth speakers of various sizes as per the uses.

They can be wireless earphones, headphones, desktop speakers and compact portable funky speakers as well. You can search online for wholesalers of portable Bluetooth speakers in India.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

Bluetooth speakers enable you to enjoy every type of audio functions by keeping your hands free for other work. Thus you can attend individual calls, conference calls, listen to music, audio files and enjoy other functions as you carry on with your work. You can buy portable Bluetooth speaker for iPhone at wholesale prices.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

Awesome quality waterproof bluetooth speaker now in India. Bluetooth portable speakers occur in wide varieties. There are simple speaker models that are simple and perfect for office use. Similarly there are Bluetooth speakers that are high end with audio features like amplifiers, equalizers and woofers as well.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

Outstanding quality sound

Some of the varieties are water and dust resistant and can be used for cool pool side parties and camping trips. Several varieties of Bluetooth speakers have FM radio feature installed in them. You can buy Bluetooth speakers from wholesale portable rechargeable speaker suppliers in Mumbai.
We are wireless Bluetooth speaker suppliers in Mumbai and importers of portable Bluetooth speaker in Mumbai, India.


  • Portable charger for Samsung

Samsung offers a variety of devices that are highly popular and widely used. Samsung mobile phones, the Galaxy series, Samsung Note and so on. The smart devices have a lot of attractive features and the extensive use results in the battery getting exhausted. Samsung also offers numerous varieties of portable chargers for these devices. You can select a portable charger of your choice and convenience.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

These portable chargers save you a lot of trouble as you can use them on the go and in some cases in a wireless mode to charge your devices. You can shop online for portable charger for Samsung in India or contact mobile power bank suppliers in Mumbai.


  • Travel chargers for smart phones,mobile and iphones.

Samsung wireless charging pad helps you charge your phone easily. You just need to plug the pad and set the device for charging.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

The in-car power charger can help you charge your phone on the go. It is also compatible with devices that support the micro USB connectivity. The travel chargers from Samsung occur in a variety with various capacities and they occur with detachable USB and micro USB cables. Samsung also offers a whole range of spare battery charging systems that are of various capacities in mAh. They are compatible with various varieties of Samsung models. Other than these, Samsung also offers charging cradles, spare battery charging systems for Note, vehicle chargers and so on. These devices occur in various designs, sizes and capacities. We are Samsung compatible power bank suppliers in Mumbai and supply varieties of power banks.

Samsung smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices are also compatible with the portable chargers of other brands. You can use power banks, power case, and other varieties of portable chargers for your Samsung devices. Some varieties of solar chargers are also compatible with the Samsung devices. We are suppliers of power bank for Samsung mobile wholesale in India and power bank dealers in Mumbai.


  • Quality portable chargers which recharge your I phone

Individuals, business professionals, family members and even teenagers use mobile phones extensively nowadays. Also, the frequency of travel for personal and professional reasons has increased. As a result, it is advisable to have a portable travel charger that will keep your mobile phone battery up and working even when you are on the move.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

There are several types of portable travel chargers. You can buy a cross compatible power charger or you can buy a portable charger for iPhone 5 or Samsung phones exclusively. To get portable chargers at reasonable price, you can compare and search for portable power packs or portable charger wholesale price in India.

These chargers vary in size, shape and specifications. You can buy portable travel chargers, vehicle chargers that can be used in your cars. You can also opt for solar chargers that can be charged using sunlight and then can charge your device. Solar chargers also have varied designs and capacities. You can contact suppliers of travel portable chargers for laptop and mobiles to know more about the types of chargers.
Travel chargers are no longer restricted to the ones with cables and adapters. External batteries like juice packs and power banks can also be used as chargers while you are travelling. They have high capacity ranging in thousands of mAh and mostly have multiple and built-in ports that enable you to charge number of devices.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

If you need to travel often and require a portable charger, you need to understand your requirements. The type of mobile phones, the frequency of charging your phone, other devices like tablets should be considered. Other devices like laptops, iPads if used frequently also need to be charged. If your requirement is intensive, you need a high end portable charger with good quality.

We are portable battery charger dealers, suppliers in Mumbai and we also supply bulk portable travel chargers in India and portable USB chargers in Mumbai.

There are numerous varieties of portable chargers when it comes to charging your iPhone. If you are a person who uses the iPhone extensively outdoors, you require a battery that helps you charge the device on the run and for a longer time. This requires a higher capacity. When it comes to portable chargers, you need chargers that can facilitate quick charging without the hassles of wires and compatibility. We are suppliers of portable charger for iPhone.

portable gift ideas gadgets India

You can opt for power banks or juice packs that can charge up your iPhone with their high capacities. There are models with multiple USB ports that can also help you charge the iPads and other devices. Some are compatible with USB and micro USB cables as well. We deal in power bank wholesale in India. There are travel chargers that are adaptable to crowded and difficult outlets even when you are on the go. They can be rotated and have detachable cables that can be used elsewhere. There are several other varieties of compact portable chargers that can be carried even in your purse. We deal in portable travel chargers in India.

Varieties of docks and mini docks can directly plug into the Apple adapter. This saves the space and offers convenience for charging.

The low end varieties of power chargers are also numerous. You can select the one that is light portable and suits your charging needs. iPhones are also compatible with a lot of varieties of car and vehicle chargers. As for other devices, you can use solar chargers for your iPhone as well. You get solar chargers of various capacities and designs. Some of them can be used to charge multiple devices while some are the basic models used for a single device. We are dealers of portable USB charger at wholesale prices India.

We are dealers of power banks for iPhones in India. You can contact us for wholesale portable mobile charger at reasonable prices in Mumbai, India.

You can take a look through our site before deciding on buying one all of these are cost effective and look attractive.

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