Top 30 Unique Custom USB drive and Accessories


  1. Bamboo Box – pen drive packaging in India

customized pen drives

This cute looking box made out of 100% bamboo represents class and sophistication. You can showcase the pen drive you wish to gift using this box. The pen drive made out of light color adds to the appeal and will remain safe in the box. A Bamboo box, is environment friendly custom made box on which you can have the logo of your business, which will make the presentation of wooden pen drive more professional. Get it from us and mark it with your message. We Manufacturer & Supplier of Pen Drive Packaging based Mumbai and sellers to Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities



  1. Black box Magnetic Pen Drive Packaging in India

customized pen drives

Black box Magnetic, When you promote your business by offering custom made gifts like pen drive to the potential clients, you can make it look more presentable by using a magnetic black box on which you can add the company brand. The surface of the box accords sufficient space for logo branding when you present this box containing the pen drive to your customers. The magnetic fastening of the box lid adds to the allure of the gift, complementing the black pen drive within it.



  1. Black box Top Bottom

customized pen drives


Black box Top Bottom, will keep your pen drive secure in a case that has been made with quality material on which you print the logo or tag line of your company. From us you will find more such boxes. This wonderful and cute black box with soft base for holding one pen drive makes for a lovely gift. The nifty elastic band holds the pen drive in place. There is more than enough space on the box for your company branding as well.



  1. Bookmark metal pen drive in India

customized pen drives


This is an example of how sleek a pen drive can be. It is available in different storage capacities with customized branding. The metal body ensures sturdiness. We are one of the leading suppliers in India of such bookmark metal pen drives. Bookmark metal pen drive, it has a bookmark design which you can actually use as a bookmark which is efficient for people who need to handle not only the soft copies but hard data as well, from us you can have a logo printed on it.


  1. Key ring pen drive

customized pen drives

Key ring, by adding it to your pen drive you will always know where it is so finding it on time wont be a problem. keyring usb flash drive are effective solutions for your electronic gift accessories. If you are wondering how to carry that pen drive you have with you wherever you go, use the add key ring loop method to just gently ease your pen drive into the loop. The pen drive remains safe within the key ring at all times.


6. Lanyard with pen drive,

customized pen drives

Lanyard, an efficient solution of never having to search for your USB drive is having it on your with a lanyard. We have provided it users a lanyard that has been made with good material, you can attach your pen drive to it. This attractive orange broad strap lanyard facilitates quick attachment and disconnection of your pen drive. It is sturdy and you can just tuck it to your side pocket or loop it around your bag. It is long enough for you to wrap around your neck as well.


  1. Plastic Bookmark Pen drive

customized pen drives

This tiny but rugged pen drive is made out of plastic and available in many attractive colors. It is waterproof and also has a key ring lanyard facilitating easy carry. The slim shape pen drive comes in different storage capacities as well. Plastic Bookmark Pen drive, is just another of the cool new designs that we offers. With this you can manage your documents in terms of hard as well as soft copy. Use it for storing or as a bookmark both are valid choices.



  1. Card Holder pen drive

customized pen drives



This utility item represents one of the best gift merchandise you can get. It can be easily transported and offers tremendous scope for branding as well. You can use the pen as well as the pen drive for branding your logo too. A high tech Card Holder that makes use of technologies such as silk printing, laser engraving and full color printing, your logo will have a utterly profesional look to it. From us you can have it printed as per your needs.



  1. Card USB OTG pen drive


customized pen drives

A custom made Card USB OTG, might actually be a very useful promo gift idea. Print the logo of your firm on it and present it to your potential clients. This is one of the custom made products that we offer.

The material is plastic and the print on it makes it look more attractive. Carry it in your pocket at any time and gift it to your customers and business associates by branding your logo on the surface. It is sure to get noticed with the print.


  1. Card USB

customized pen drives


Card USB, USB is the most used electronic storage device. One in shape of card makes it even more portable as it can easily fit into your wallet or handbag. Promoting your organization will take a new meaning with a Card USB. It is sleek, light as it is made out of high grade plastic. It is easy to carry as it fits snugly into your pocket. It has a box packing as well and is available in the storage configuration of your choice.


  1. Culbuto

customized pen drives

This cute functional pen drive enables you to move your files and media, being compatible with USB 2.0. At other times it is an engaging roly poly toy that manages to stay upright. It is available in different memory capacities and colors. Culbuto, is coolest USB design we offer that is based on the culbuto toys that stand up no matter how many time you hit it, it never stays down. Which in itself could be a message to people who are struggling.


  1. Custom Box Offset

customized pen drives



With us Custom Box Offset you can exhibit your promotional pen drive in a professional looks elegant and will provide a lot of space for the storing your USB drive. You can get your brand name on this box as well. They are normally made out of light colored wood and they hold the pen drive in them. They offer adequate space for branding and are considered to be classy gifts that every recipient will love to have.



  1. Custom USB pen drive

customized pen drives

The customization of USB over the years has led to the creation of pen drives in the form of interesting shapes like toothpaste. The mould is a 3D one which houses the parts of the pen drive and makes for an interesting gift.

Does your company product come in a tube? This Tube Shaped pen drive will definitely attract a lot of potential client, you can make it a promo gift and make it look exactly like your product by printing your logo on it.




  1. Diamond pen drive

customized pen drives

Diamond is the perfect choice of promo gift if your company provides services for a high clientele.

This pen drive shining like a diamond through its transparent visual makes for a wonderful gift. The shape is that of the traditional pen drive and we as leading suppliers of such flash drives can help you choose.

It has a attractive design on which you can print the logo of your company, it will not do what’s necessary but will make your business stand out.




  1. Key lock Pen Drive

customized pen drives



One of the earlier and popular shapes of pen drives. This pen drive allows you to carry your keys without any fear of losing them due to the efficient locking system. The utility of the pen drive without doubt makes it a lovely gift item.

Key lock Pen Drive, provides additional security to your documents. A password is just not enough these days it can be easily hacked.  From us you get this pen drive for yourself or as a promo gift and you can even add your logo to it.



  1. Key ring holder pen drive

customized pen drives



Though this key ring holder pen drive does not have a locking system, you can carry keys with this pen drive as the closed loop provides sufficient safety for the keys. The broad space on the key holder is good for branding as well.

Key ring holder, is a custom USB drive available from us. This drive will assist the user in maintaining the data and he/she can even attach keys to it. Keys and USB are both essential things that you can find together with this design.


  1. Key ring USB drives

customized pen drives

Key ring USB drives come in handy for managing your keys as well as your documents both with a simple piece of technology that has been built to carry the weight of your keys. You can have it custom made from us.

One of the earliest and popular shapes of the pen drive is the key ring holder type of pen drive. Its flat surfaces are ideal for branding and the recipients will always make good use of it.


  1. key with house pen drive

customized pen drives


A highlight portable key with house, has a design that makes carrying it around a easier. Its a lightweight key that will serve its allocated purpose of storage and data transfer and also provide a marketing means for your organization.

A very innovative design that houses the pen drive within the house shape provided on the key. There are other designs that have a full miniature house tagged with the key as well. Recipients will welcome this nifty shaped gift for sure.



  1. key with leather pen drive india

customized pen drives


Go for the sophisticated look with this pen drive sheathed in leather for long lasting utility. The surface is good enough for logo branding and provides for adequate visibility. The key holder is an added attraction.

There’s just something about leather that speaks “class”, key with leather will be quite successful in catching the attention of the customer base you are interested in gaining. Get it custom made from us with a logo , company tagline or company name on it.




  1. USB key pen drive

customized pen drives


Some of our designs have been created for providing customers with portable promotional gift choices. One such product is USB key that comes in shape of a key and is of the best quality and can be used for work.

One of the early and effective marketing and promotional items that houses the pen drive in the shape of a key. Gift them at seminars and conferences for long lasting brand recall and utility, thanks to the branding opportunities on both surfaces of the key.



  1. Leather bracelet pen drive

customized pen drives

When you have a lot of important things to do, trying to locate a USB drive on your desk or any room might be time consuming. Our Leather bracelet USB drive might be an effective solution for such cases.

Wear the pen drive around your wrist in the form of a leather bracelet. The look is classy and very alluring. Flash the branding prominently at the clasp for great visibility. This is a promotional item that will find many takers for sure.


  1. Leather pen drive

customized pen drives

USB drive that has a key ring as well as leather pouch that keeps it safe and secure. Get the name of your organization or your organizations logo engraved on the leather from us which has many such unique custom USB devices and its accessories.

You cannot go wrong gifting key holder pen drives that have a leather sheath. They present a look of luxury and are long lasting. There is adequate branding space on the key holder as well. Choose from ones that have a lock and those without a locking mechanism.



  1. Lego pen drive pen drive

customized pen drives



Lego pen drives are cute and could be great storage and transfer device for people of any age group. School students as well as professionals can make use of them. we has a few choices that you can select from.

Encourage the geek in you to look at the Lego brick pen drives in various colors and memory capacities. Choose from a number of single and double sandwich models and utilize the surfaces of the bricks for your branding.


  1. Message in a bottle pen drive


Go pharma with this message in a bottle type pen drive in different memory configurations. The cork top serves as the pen drive that is inserted into the bottle, the sides of which can be used for branding your logo.

Message in a bottle with window box is the one of the coolest pen drive ideas yet. This unique device is eye-catching and a great way of marketing the services of your firm. Gift it to a high end client of your firm.


  1. Metal Airplane pen drives


customized pen drives


Metal Airplane, a best promotional gift for any airline or airway that are interested in gaining more customers for their services. from us get a custom made USB drive like Meta Airplane and have your brand name or logo engraved on it. Pen drives shaped like an airplane are sure to get noticed. The glistening metal finish and the messaging on the sides of the airplane will not go unnoticed. Choose from different memory configurations.



  1. Metal car pen drives

customized pen drives

A Metal car USB drive, it actually looks like a classic car when you open it up you get to the UDB drive. It a coll car USB drive much unique than a lot of custom USB drives that are available in the market. The ubiquitous and popular racing cars present a wonderful opportunity for branding when you encase the pen drive within them. Choose metal or plastic materials and rest assured about brand visibility as well as regular usage of these pen drives by the recipients.



  1. metal keychain pen drive in India


customized pen drives


Go for metal the next time you wish to present pen drives in the form of key chains. The shine of the metal will draw the attention to the branding on its surface as well. Moreover, they are durable. A sturdy metal keychain USB pen drive, which will prove important in lot of ways. It can hold the weight of plenty of your house keys or any keys as well as provide you the storage services for confidential work data.



  1. Metal robot  pen drive in India

customized pen drives



Break the monotony with metal pen drives shaped like robots for that different and tech looks. Use the broader surface of the robot for your branding. Offer 2GB and 4GB memory combinations and you have a winning promotional item in your hands. Metal robot design of this pen drive never fails to catch attention adding to that it is also robust and works great as a data storage and transfer device. We have such cool designs which are great for the promotion of your business.




  1. Mini leather  pen drives in India

customized pen drives

Go for the cute and mini look when you present pen drives that are encased in leather. They look cute and very handy for recipients to keep the pen drive in it. The leather surface can be used for branding.  Mini leather pouch pen drive will be safe for carrying around and could be a great promo gift for the employees of your company which could help boost their morale and you can even have your name engraved on it at the same time.





  1. Bottle Opener pen drive in India

customized pen drives

Be ready for impromptu parties with the bottle opener pen drive with you. Made out of metal, they are ideal for branding thanks to their tapering surface area and are durable as well. Present them as gifts in various memory configurations. A USB drive which you can use for opening a bottle,We have some more unique designs that serve two purposes. It looks exactly like a bottle opener and its sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about any damage to your data.


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