Top Electronic Gift Ideas

No matter what the occasion you have to find the perfect gift that the receiver will appreciate. Gifting gadgets is actually a pretty brilliant idea some gadgets turn out to be very helpful in all the aspects of your life work or travels. If someone is staring a new business endeavor then a video brochure might be an excellent gift for them which will help them in the marketing of their firm.This was just an example listed below are all unique electronic devices that might be helpful to your colleagues or friends.

  1. Video brochure
  2. Digital photo frame
  3. Doppler audio pack 6000 mAH
  4. Wholesale power bank with genuine outputs
  5. Credit card USB pen drives
  6. Credit card power bank


  • Video brochure

 Corporate Electronic Gift Ideas India

Is a cool gift for a colleague or a close friend who has just decided to open his/her own business.

While there is no disputing the effectiveness of mass media advertising, the exorbitant cost is not something everybody can afford. The returns too may not be commensurate to the amount spent. We are Video brochure manufacturer in Mumbai India Companies and marketing gurus are moving to ideas that are more affordable, focused and nifty for promoting their products and concepts. The video brochure is one such innovative introduction.

With the help of video brochures, Video In Print, Video Mailers, Video Business cards … you can address your target segment more effectively since you are presenting an audio visual experience to them. Instead of relying on flyers, banners and advertising in the print or television media, you can use these brochures. All you have to do is record the marketing or promotional messages you want and have them delivered to your target audience. The recipients can then have a look and will surely not junk them like they do to flyers and pamphlets.

  • Digital photo frame

Electronic Gift Ideas India Corporate Electronic Gift Ideas India

You could gift it to a family or at someones wedding or for anniversary its perfect for these occasions.

When you think of how to beautify your walls, your thoughts are about good wall paper, paint and of course some wall hangings. But what if you could have a combination of a great looking photo frame on the wall that also doubles up as a display medium of photos, videos and even movies?

Well, the digital photo frame does exactly that. Just hang it on your wall and invite friends and family to view the precious memories captured on smart phones, cameras and the like. These frames provide adequate memory space, great quality sound and offer you the flexibility of adding or deleting stuff you require or need to purge. We are Importer and suppliers of digital photo frame wholesale in India and suppliers to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Think of them as great gifts as well and rest assured recipients will welcome and appreciate your gesture. We specialize in dealing with such novelty items like LED Digital Picture Frame Photo Albums and can be reached on the above numbers.

  •  Doppler audio pack 6000 mAH

 Corporate Electronic Gift Ideas India

Is a very unique gift choice that not a lot people think of.

Now that it is possible to carry your own music wherever you go, outdoor camps and trips are a real breeze. Just take along a backpack with speakers to be able to enjoy your music at any time. The experience can be fun when you are outdoors at a picturesque location with your favorite music playing in the background.

The Doppler audio pack 6000 mAH is one such wonderful kit that you can use and gift to anybody who likes to carry music. The 6000 mAH power bank is more than sufficient to ensure continuous music playback. Moreover, the 10W speakers deliver punch and clarity that will thrill you. Just connect the device to the speakers using Bluetooth 4.1 to get close to 7-8 hours of music. This version ensures better data transfer and lesser interference from 4G.

As a company that specializes in such equipment, you can call us for bulk requirements.

  • Wholesale power bank with genuine outputs

Electronic Gift Ideas India

Most useful electronic accessory that you can gift either a friend or a colleague.

There are a couple of things that users of smart phones are still hungry for – they want more battery juice and faster processing power. While many of the modern devices are doing a fantastic job addressing both of these requirements, it does happen that you can run out of battery juice and at places where you may not have access to a power point.

This is where you will find the power bank very useful and invaluable. The power bank is a storehouse of power that you can use to withdraw power from at times when your smart phone battery is about to discharge fully. Just power it fully before you leave for your destination and use the USB port to connect to your smart phone when required. They are affordable, portable and very user friendly.

As leading suppliers of wholesale power banks in India, you can contact us for your requirements now.

  • Credit card USB pen drives

Corporate Electronic Gift Ideas India

Option one with credit card look is credit card USB pen drives which is Useful to store information and you can have it customized as well.

The utility of the flash drive was never in doubt. Many users have been happy receiving them as gifts and really value them due to the almost daily use they can subject it to. However, as with everything, the novelty does tend to wear off soon, especially in times like this when the next shiny object is all that people are looking for.

It was therefore apt somebody should think of coming out with pen drives in various shapes and sizes to keep the interest alive in them. The credit card pen drive is one such item that is finding favor with a lot of users due to its slim and attractive shape. It can be carried in pockets thanks to its sleek looks. There are other shapes as well making waves.

If you are on the lookout for Credit Card USB Pen Drive supplier Mumbai, then just call us.

  • Credit card power bank

Electronic Gift Ideas India

Option two with credit card look is credit card power bank which is just as useful and has a very unique look that the reliever will enjoy.

We are suppliers of Card size power bank 2500mAH and 10,000 mAH to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad in India.

Technology is the mother of innovation and that is being proved each time some new gadget or device is introduced and further improvements are made to them. When portable chargers were initially introduced, they were accepted with glee since many of us wanted a device that would enable us to draw power for our smart phones and other gadgets whenever we desired.

when required, use it to connect to your smart phone through the USB port to draw the power you required.

The focus then shifted to how these portable chargers can be modified further to make them easier to carry and use. Like the pen drives, power banks too are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today, you have credit card portable charger you can carry in your pocket and they make for such excellent gifts that everybody would love to receive. Contact us to buy wholesale credit card power bank 2500 and 10000mAH bulk at dealer prices in India.

You can choose any of these devices and make the gift receiver a happy customer.





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